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Dan Reilly and the Children’s Hospital

Sometimes hope is found in the places we least expect it. In the summer of 2009, Dan Reilly endured two months of radiation treatment at Renown Institute for Cancer.  One day while waiting for his treatment, Dan found himself surrounded by colorful crayon drawings decorating the walls of the waiting room. He learned those wonderful creations were from patients at Renown Children’s Hospital. Along with the drawings was a poster describing the work done at Renown Children’s Hospital with a request for support. Dan was moved by the art from our community’s youngest patients and said, “I decided that the least I could do is help keep the Renown “kids” supplied with crayons and so I became a donor to Renown Children’s Hospital.”

Due to Dan’s unwavering support and commitment over the past 11 years, Renown Health Foundation recently reached out to see if he would be willing to be a “Champion” for Renown Children’s Hospital. “I’ve never been asked to be an “Ambassador” of anything in my 71 years… I wonder if it comes with a sash?” Dan feels honored to help spread the word and immediately went to work writing a letter to his neighbors and friends about why he gives to Renown Children’s Hospital. His letter was touching, authentic and received a lot of attention in the community. He wrote, “While I know we all have our own special interests and causes I am asking that you consider the Renown “kids” in this mix.”

Dan has truly embraced his role as a champion for our pediatric patients and his passion is contagious. Recently, he posted his letter on the community app, NextDoor, and it caught the eye of a neighbor who is a liaison for her church. His post touched her heart deeply as her cousin’s son died of brain cancer at the age of 10. As a way to help, she reached out to see how her church family might be able to support Dan’s efforts. Dan’s outreach has been far spreading shine through everything he does for Renown Children’s Hospital – he has definitely earned his sash!