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Costco Kicks Off CMNH Campaign

While this year is filled with so many uncertainties, Costco continues their support in raising funds for kids in our community. Since the beginning of the partnership with Costco, they have graciously raised more than $3.7 million to-date to benefit kids right here in the region! We couldn’t thank them enough for their dedication and passion!

We are excited to share that Costco will be kicking off this year’s CMNH Campaign starting September 1 through 30. You may have seen those icon balloons creatively displayed at Costco stores in Reno, Sparks and Carson City. During this time, Costco will be asking members to make a small donation of $1 or more through purchasing those 6” icon balloons. Costco will also be selling jumbo balloons for $500 which will advertise your business that will be prominently displayed during the entire month of September at their stores. We are hopeful that you will support their regardless if it’s the 6” balloons or the jumbo balloons. For more information on how to purchase the jumbo balloons, please contact Thank you in advance for your support and supporting our wonderful partnership with Costco.