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Costco is helping Renown Children’s Hospital Change Kid’s Health

Renown Health believes that protecting our local communities and our collective future hinges on the capacities and well-being of children. Because of this, we do all that we can to keep children safe.

All contributions to our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals partners help transform how Renown Children’s Hospital meets the urgent needs of children and families, while also maintaining an exceptional standard of everyday care. And kids can’t wait!

For 35 years, Costco, and its members have joined forces to raise more than $500 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. When we help fund medical treatments, equipment and facilities, we ensure children live healthy, fulfilling lives and foster the scientists, inventors, artists and leaders of tomorrow.

At a time when local children’s hospitals need unrestricted funding more than ever, we want to thank Costco from the bottom of our hearts for another successful campaign with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. With $263,129.41 raised in the Northern Nevada region thus far for 2022, we are incredibly appreciative of their commitment to changing kids’ health to change the future, for all of us.

Carson City Costco Top Performers

Positively changing kids’ health has ripple effects that improve communities and our world for years to come. Every day, Costco is helping kids’ reach their full potential—while in the hospital and once they move forward with a bright future.