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From a Micro-Preemie to the 2020 Miss. Nevada

Born at 25 weeks, Nasya Mancini was only 1 pound and 6 ounces. She was given only a 10% chance of survival and with a twin sister who unfortunately did not survive, Nasya’s outlook on life is to live everyday as if it’s a miracle. She was named Nasya, which means miracle because the doctors told her dad that her odds of survival was slim or, if she survived she will have severe disabilities. But not only did Nasya beat all odds, she left the hospital with no long-term medical issues. She was so small, she wore Madeline doll clothes.

Nasya was adopted through an open adoption. Her birth parents were meth addicts. Her birth mom was 26 and Nasya was child number 7. What caused her birth also saved her life.  At 25 weeks, her lungs were fully developed which helped her with many medical issues. She had a small heart surgery, and 7 days later, the heart opening closed.  She was off the respirator within 6 hours of surgery.  Her sister wasn’t as fortunate. She was 1 pound 2 ounces and on 90% oxygen – her body was almost a dark purple color.  Her parents found out she was brain dead after 2 days so they took her off the respirator and she passed within 30 minutes.

With the knowledge of her adoption from a young age, it instilled her with a tremendous amount of gratitude. Her biggest influencers are her adoptive parents. They went into the adoption knowing about the hardship. But because of their selfless act, they were determined to bypass any challenges. Their willingness to give Nasya a better life and love her as their own has impacted Nasya’s life.

Last year, Nasya had an opportunity to connect with her other 5 siblings and meeting her birth family gave her a glimpse of the life she could have had. Instead, she was raised in a supportive and trusting home which inspires her every day to remember that if her adoptive parents could do so much for her, her job is to pay it forward every day, giving all she can to others.

Nasya held a few local pageant titles in the past few years, and most recently won her title as Miss. Nevada. Her platform is to raise awareness and funds for her local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. She visits patients every month at Renown Children’s Hospital and delivers gifts. She would spend at least an hour with the patients.

We are grateful for Nasya’s dedication to Renown Children’s Hospital and congratulate her on her new role as Miss. Nevada.