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Emmalee Sutton Donates $1,000 to Renown Children’s Hospital

Emmalee Sutton, 14, Children Miracle Network Hospital’s (CMNH) Child Ambassador, was awarded and donated $1,000 to Renown Children’s Hospital in honor of Sophie’s Place.

Sutton was recognized as PBS Reno’s Extraordinary Youth during the 2021 PBS Reno Spotlight Awards – a community awards show highlighting individuals and community groups making a positive impact in our region. After the awards, she reached out to Kiemmy Thai, Renown Health Foundation Manager of Children’s Hospital, to discuss why giving back makes a positive impact.

“I really think that this organization [Renown Children’s Hospital] is a game-changer for children’s health. I also believe that CMNH providing crucial equipment to the children’s hospital, and keeping it local, is very important. The more we put our message out there, the more our community will understand and know that there are people advocating for new equipment by spreading awareness regarding children’s health.”

Sophie’s Place will be constructed in 2022 and is a state-of-the-art music therapy room designed for children and their families to enjoy music and engage in healing arts. The project is a partnership with NFL Legend Steve Young and Forever Young Foundation.

We are humbled and inspired by Emmalee’s generosity. At 14, she is leading by example and showing the world the importance of giving back. Please join us in thanking Emmalee!

Watch Steve Young Thank Emmalee Sutton.

Click here to learn more about Sophie’s Place and how you can get involved.