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2019 CMNH Champion Child!

Northern Nevada Children’s Miracle Network Hospital (CMNH) is excited to announce our 2019 CMNH Champion child, Naomi Bakker.

Naomi was a preemie, born at 25 weeks gestation. She was starving in the utero due to a placenta issue and her parents were told that she might not live past delivery because she was severely malnourished. Doctor after doctor assured that a breathing tube would not fit down her throat. She would be too tiny.

But Naomi defied and beat all odds. As mom and dad braced to welcome and say goodbye to Naomi in one afternoon. Renown neonatologists worked to get the breathing tube down her throat. With no hope anyway, the couple didn’t think there was anything to lose. That was day one of Naomi’s 142 day stay at the Renown Neonatal ICU (NICU). She weighed 364 grams (12.86oz) in fact she was far smaller than anyone estimated she would be. It was touch-and-go many of those 142 days. Angela (mom) and Michael (dad) spent hours, days, weeks and months by her incubator as they witnessed her doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists work miracles as Naomi faced numerous life-threatening obstacles. From day one our medical team told the family that she was a fighter.

Here’s Naomi’s story